Neukölln tour

 Vegan Food Tour Berlin Neukölln

Neukölln is a multicultural district, that is characterised by a high percentage of immigrants, especially of Turkish and Arab descent. In the last few years, Berlin’s gritty Neukölln district has become a hotbed of the creative class and nightlife, attracting students, artists and bourgeois bohemians and become increasingly popular.

On the vegan food tour through Berlin Neukölln, you will see that Neukölln has much more to offer than Kebab, turkish super markets and hip bars.

We will discover some new popular vegan eateries, as well as some hidden spots with nice veggie food. At the same time you can listen to some stories about Neukölln und Berlin.

vegan food tour Berlin Neukölln  


Some of the Highlights of the vegan food tour in Berlin Neukölln:

  • really delicious cake – creamy, sweet, vegan.
  • turkish food that happens to be vegan – we will it in a traditional way.
  • we cross my a turkish arab vegetable market – you will feel like in little Istanbul and get a feel for this district
  • we visit a fully vegan super market – maybe getting some ice cream over there 🙂
  • the old center of Rixdorf Neukölln- you will listen to some old funny anectodes about the district
  • We will end up on a roof top bar and enjoy the view over Berlin.

vegan food tour Berlin Neukölln


DETAILS – vegan food tour Berlin Neukölln

– public group tour: 33€ per person
– private tour: depends on duration and group size (write me a message)
included: food, drinks, tour guide
duration: 3 – 3,5 hours
meeting point: In front of S-Bahn station Neukölln (Google Maps)


Saturday, 4th of August 2018, 1pm



Write me a message, if you want to book on an other date or request a tour on a specific date. I have happy to may a tour happen for you.



By booking this tour, you support to local sustainability projects that you are visiting during the tour. Vegan Tours Berlin also supports local animal welfare projects. If you support us, we support others!