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combines vegan culinary tours with an exciting city exploration. You can taste the best dishes in the best veggie restaurants in the city, discover new corners in Berlin, learn somehing about Berlin’s history and alternative culture and listen to funny anecdotes. We also visit inspiring green projects together, such as urban farming gardens, farmers markets and other sustainable initiatives. And in the end, the tour is fun. Because healthy food that you share with a group of like-minded people tastes better!

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I had a fantastic time exploring Kreuzberg with Maja. It was great to learn more about the area in terms of its social and political past and present, and of course the vegan scene too! Absolutely recommend a vegan tour to all vegans, veggies and vi-curious people visiting the city!

Richarda, review on Facebook

This type of tour (I was at the one in Kreuzberg) gives so much more information then anything you read on the Internet, Maja is a great guide that tells good stories about both the areas and the vegan options and possibilities , but also open up for discussions and information from the crash of countries that can just happen in Berlin. And then amazing vegan food to top it.
Virre, reference on HappyCow

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Thank you so much Maja for organizing this tour. We were truly delighted by the experience: the food, the places we have visited, the wonderful people we connected to. What a vibrant community Kreuzberg is. We highly recommend this tour, for vegans and non-vegans.

Carlos, reference on Facebook

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Sometimes you find yourself in the situation that there is some family dinner and enthusiastically suggesting your favorite vegan restaurant in the hope of inspiring relatives or colleagues of the meatless kitchen. But sometimes you do not meet with much enthusiasm. Almost everyone has an uncle Heinrich, who throws the same vegetarian jokes at every family dinner or the one employee who runs around in the “meat is my vegetables” T-shirt. So sometimes you can not beat around picking a nice “Omni-Restaurant” where you can find delicious vegan food and where you do not have to chew on a salad without dressing and feel pitied.

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Vegan Friendly Christmas Markets in Berlin

WHERE TO FIND THE BEST VEGAN FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS MARKETS IN BERLIN If you think of Christmas markets, you might imagine german sausages, fried fish, hot chocolate milk and sweet baked goods. Fortunately, Berlin has a variety of Christmas markets to offer that are out of the ordinary and combine german Christmas tradition with sustainability. I created a list for you with my favorite vegan friendly Christmas markets in Berlin.   1. GREEN MARKET BERLIN Berlin has a completely vegan winter market, a paradise for those who want to stroll through a Christmas market, without the smell of “bratwurst sausage”. You can expect a variety of